Manufacturing operations at Hiwasse support volume production of appearance-critical items. Workers are trained in the special handling and visual techniques which successfully produce high quality products.

The Production Control office maintains the computer and drawing files which provide documentation, scheduling, record keeping, and part tracking. These files are used to maintain the operational schedule. Feedback from the shop floor comes through the individual workers’ Time Ticket tracking system. Data from daily operations is compiled and compared to expected results to generate daily operating schedules.

Hiwasse operations are supported with a full complement of coil handling, screenprinting, laminating, shearing, and stamping equipment. 5 screenpresses, 7 shears, 5 brake presses, and 28 punch presses assure components are delivered to assembly on time and within cost.

Orders are processed using ‘batch’ techniques. This allows flexible and cost-effective production of quantities from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands.